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ABOUT monoqrome

MONOQROME operates as a platform of curated, limited edition prints in a diversity of content, concept, and style.

EXCLUSIVE collection

Above all, MONOQROME provides you access to exclusive art prints you can’t find anywhere else. 

Upon a fresh look at the world of monochrome art, Monoqrome emerges the most innovative artists and offers a unique collection of limited edition prints. Get inspired here and bring even more joy and happiness to your home with an eye-catching art print from Monoqrome. To submit a retail request head over to our contact page.

WHY FROM monoqrome

First of all, Monoqrome emerges the most innovative artists and offers unique art prints you can’t find anywhere else! Furthermore, each print bears a certificate of authenticity from Monoqrome, signed by the artist. Finally, the excellent print result offers breathtaking details and longevity.

CALL FOR artists

Currently, MONOQROME  is looking forward to collaborating with artists whose work features powerful, abstract portraits in monochrome colors. For submissions, please visit our contact page and send us an email containing 6 of your works. Certainly, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Yiannis Karavelis – profile –

    Yiannis Karavelis

  • Blaqk _ logo


    Blaqk, a well known artistic team to the street art scene.
  • G_web

    George Androutsos

  • Artists__01

    Coming Soon

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