Blaqk is an artistic team very well known to the street art scene! Since 2011, Blaqk have participated in numerous, exhibitions, projects and street art festivals around the world. It worths to name a few. Firstly, the Poliniza Doz Festival in Valencia, Spain and the Emergence Festival in Giardini Naxos, Italy. Secondly, the Stroke Urban Art Fair 06 in Munich, Germany and the Traffic Design Festival in Gdynia, Poland; Finally, the Moving Forward Urban Art Festival in Rome, Italy and the We Art Urban Festival in Lagny, France.

Their work is a combination of calligraphic forms with shapes and geometric lines offering balanced compositions either stable or in a floating sense. Consequently, two different elements merged together offering a unique result.

Blaqk street art team consists of Greg Papagrigoriou and Chris Tzaferos(Simek). Both are graphic designers and visuals artists based in Athens, Greece

After graduating from the School of Graphic Design in Athens 2009, Greg Papagrigoriou has mainly focused on calligraphy. Meanwhile, he was experimenting with different materials and surfaces including the wall painting. As time passed by, the artist ended up combining typography, calligraphy and wall painting. As a result, his calligraphic installations to walls delivered a brand new approach to the world of street art. Over the last years, his art has been characterized by freer lines with texture, and the element of abstraction dominates in his compositions.

Chris Tzaferos has been experimenting with graffiti and street art since early 2000. He studied Graphic Design in Athens and took up painting and photography in 2009. Geometry plays a key role in his art. In other words, bold parallel lines and geometric shapes along with motifs and graphic forms, are the elements that form his compositions. Apart from canvas and paper, wood, metal and certainly walls, are the surfaces he often uses.

Greg Papagrigoriou
Blaqk street art team - Greg Papagrigoriou and Simek

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