George Androutsos is a Greek visual artist who usually draws faces in an abstract way using pencil, charcoal, and chalk on paper.

“What attracts me to the faces is their dynamic expression. It is the part of the body that reveals so many things about the person, his psyche and the way he perceives the world. After all, it is no coincidence that 4 of our 5 senses are in our head and especially in our face.”

His work is psychographic and dynamic. He refuses to expressively enrich the final result with color interventions. Black and white are enough to express the psychic depth of its people.

“I chose this manner of expression because I believe that it represents the fundamental conflict; black and white, the empty space, and the complete.All the faces I paint come from my imagination. Only certain movements arise by studying people. A look, a grimace, an expression, anything fleeting or small and insignificant, can become an occasion for creation.”

He studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki and holds a Ph.D. in Aesthetics from NTUA.  Since 2013, George Androutsos has exhibited in a number of institutions, art galleries, and has taken part in art projects around the world. It worths to name a few. Firstly, the Espace Christiane Peugeot in Paris, France and the Ex Aurum Museum in Pescara, Italy; Secondly, the Artbox Project in New York, USA, and the Shonan International Fine Art Exhibition in Chigasaki-shi, Japan; Finally, the Art Project “Portrait” in Madrid, Spain and the Mediolanum Museum in Padova, Italy.   Moreover, he has participated in numerous international Biennial of drawings and got a solo exhibition in Paris, France.


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