Giannis Karavelis was born and raised in Athens, Greece. In addition to being an award-winning artist, he is the founder of MONOQROME. Moreover, he teaches the Japanese art of Bokushō which studied at the Rakuyou School of Arts in Japan, Tokyo. Works of his are displayed in private collections and international institutions. For example, the renowned Four Seasons Hotel, Glyfada/Greece and the Jade Buddha Museum, Anshan City/China

Because the artist is influenced by the Japanese art of Bokusho, his works are based on Ink and more specifically on Sumi-ink. This material encourages him to seek new, creative paths. Therefore, Giannis Karavelis has been working more and more on experimental practices within his art.

The artistic use of Ink helps me see clearly not only into my soul but also outside of me. In other words, this material releases from within me large quantities of artistic imagination and creative sensitivity. In short, I would say Ink is the raw material of free expression.

With his artwork series INKOGRAPHIES, Giannis Karavelis shows how his images can transcend our common reality and take us to new levels of thought. In other words, these are not mere expressionist works, they are flights of our imagination into concepts of line, form, and texture that are always provocative..and satisfying. The works continue to evolve in our imagination, changing with each viewing.

“Exploring new possibilities, I always seek new creative paths through experimental practices within my art. So, the artwork series INKOGRAPHIES reflects such a quest and more specifically, it includes some unique ink-mixed techniques creating an unpredictable result.”


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