Luca Brandi is an Italian artist who paints striking textured abstracts.

‘I try to create sensations that ask the viewer to reflect on him or herself and on themes of the human condition: love, time and space.’

His artistic journey started at the age of nine painting icons in Florentine churches. Since then, art has become a way of life, a way of thinking, a way of living, and evolving. 

‘I always knew I wanted to be an artist and that I would dedicate myself to painting. Even though I come from Italy, which is not a very abstract-friendly country, this has never hindered my exploration of the soul and bringing it onto canvas. My only wish is that i continue my path until the end.’

Luca Brandi has three decades worth of experience as a painter and he’s held more than twenty solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad. 

Moreover he has exhibited in a number of Institutions, Art Museums, and has taken part in Art projects and group shows around the world like the Art Fair of Karlsruhe , Germany and the Lucca Museum of contemporary art in Tuscany, Italy. 

Works of him are displayed in many private collections in Italy, USA, UK, Germany, France and Australia. 

Luca Brandi

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