Penny Gerakopoulou (Penny Hawk) was born and raised in Athens, Greece. In order to convey her spiritual world, to express herself silently, to communicate, she chose art; or rather art chose her. 

“My interest started when I was becoming a teenager. It arose as a necessity. I love being creative ever since.”

Penny Hawk focuses on modernism – experimentation and especially on “the research of the new”, combining elements from the West as well as from the East. In other words, a mixture of abstract expressionism and Japanese art of Bokusho.

“Exploring new creative paths I end up discovering myself as an artist”

She was taught the art of Bokusho by the Greek artist Giannis Karavelis. What drew her to it was its monochrome palette and shared perception of beauty. When creating her art, Penny Hawk mostly uses ink, guash, paintbrush, and her hands. Moreover, she likes experimenting with whatever art tools she has available.

“When I’m into painting, I focus on the present time. The process arises from inner resources and lands up as a direct statement of my spiritual state. After the first wave of intensity ends, the rational part takes ahead as an observer and continues making changes until the painting acquires its own existence.”

To conclude, Penny Hawk is a “restless”, sensitive and creative person, active not only in the field of art but also in social activism. 

“I have an active interest in social causes and I stand against any form of injustice and cruelty.” 

Penny Hawk-Portrait

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