Shiroki is a Japanese artist whose abstract paintings evolved from years of experience in Japanese calligraphy.

Having studied calligraphy from the age of five and painting at an art college in Japan, she creates her works with an emphasis on spaces and a sense of solemnness.

Shiroki uses original inks, which she researched and created by herself, and the textures represent the beating of life.

The heart beats and transmits the sound. That sound is the vibration that Shiroki wants people to feel. The work changes diversely from day to day, depending on the viewer, and appeals to the viewer.

“Through art and calligraphy, I want to give people the energy and comfort to live.

At the heart of her art is her identity as a Japanese person who has always valued calligraphy. The minimalism characteristic of Japanese culture invites us out of the stagnation of materialism and into the spiritual world of the richness of spirit.

A moment of rubbing the ink leads you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and into a state of inner peace.

Then, the moment she sweeps down the brush onto the washi paper, it transforms from stillness to dynamic energy.

“The works are like my lover and my children, and they are always by my side. They are like invisible threads, rigidly connected, and will entertain me for the rest of my life. The works that I have shared my heart with will spread throughout the world and create a rich flow of time in the place they hold in their hands.”

She has exhibited her work in Japan, Denmark, London, New York, Australia, Rome, and many other countries and has been increasing collectors.


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